Weekly Update 27th March 2020

Here’s a summary of what’s happened in the last week (and a bit).

  • 40+ emails from Volunteers. I’ve tried to make contact with everyone, if someone hasn’t heard from me yet, give me a nudge via the email (helpingsmallbizonline ‘at’ gmail.com)
  • Coverage from Huffington Post
  • First piece of content ready to publish – thanks John!
  • Many volunteers working hard to spread the word – helpingsmallbiz.co.uk is getting out to local Chambers of Commerce, Institute of Directors, various growth hubs and more!
  • Coverage from Search Engine Land

So a busy week, but the main thing is we’re helping the first businesses who have been reaching out.

Some of the things we’ve helped with so far:

The question I’ve been asked a lot this week is “what can you help with”? Well, between myself and those who have volunteered their time/support we can help in a number of different ways!

Here are a few examples from the last week:

  • Setting up a free SSL certificate for a charity who was otherwise facing (overinflated) invoices to have it done. Using Cloudflare (which is free/awesome).
  • Provided some advice to musicians starting with Wix – showing them how to provide member-only access to content so they can continue their classes.
  • Helping a self-funded start-up understand how best to approach the market with a new invention – their previous marketing investments were flattened by current circumstances.
  • A lot of sharing teleconferencing/webinar software options.

Some (overdue) Shout-outs

Lily Ray in NYC and Brogan Renshaw in Australia have started similar initiatives to Helping Small Biz.

If you’re based in the US or Australia I strongly advise you to reach out to them whether you’re a business in need of support or someone willing to offer their time.

A Huge Thanks

Huge, huge, huge thanks to everyone who’s reached out over the last two weeks.

There’s a lot of bad news out there at the moment, but so many of you are will/ready to help be the ones to make some good news for others.

Keep it up, we’re all in this together!

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