Helping Small Businesses Get Online When Faced with Lockdown Concerns

Everyone’s rightfully anxious about the coming weeks/months, and with the potential for strict lockdowns being enforced which could close all non-essential businesses, there are those who are extremely unsure about what to do.

Selling online can’t help every business, but for many it could be a step to making themselves more accessible to their local community and the rest of the country.

If you want to ask what it might involve – we’re willing to help.

“Can you help me get my business online?”

If you are a small, independent business and don’t currently have a means of selling your products or services online, we’ll be offering our knowledge and support (initially via email) to help make online-selling a possibility.

Email us at helpingsmallbizonline ‘at’ (replace ‘at’ with ‘@’) with the following information:

  • Your business name
  • What it products/services you offer
  • Where in the country you are
  • If you have a stock/inventory management system which is digital (if applicable)
  • If you are setup for receiving card payments (if applicable)

Any specific information you can give (names or software, card-machine providers etc), can help us give more appropriate advice.

The goal – is to point you in the right direction to get started, to show you how possible it is for every business.

Who we are

A team of experienced marketers have banded together to help ease some pressure on the small business community.

Getting through this pandemic will require us all to pull together in many ways – making the bridge to the online world to ease the reliance on face-to-face transactions is just one.

Over the coming weeks/months we will be lending a hand to any small businesses worried about what will happen if they are forced to close their doors to reduce the spread of Covid-19 ( the Coronavirus).

You can read more about us here.

“Why are you doing this?”

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses through various stages in their transition to the online world. The process isn’t easy, the costs can be hard to stomach for small businesses and there’s a lot of poor advice out there!

If this can help even a handful of business owners feel more positive about the future, we’ll have done what we set out to do.

Some important details

We’re all doing this on our own time. We will not charge for any services and as such cannot offer any guarantees or service level agreements of any kind.

Responses will be done as quickly as we are able, but please be aware that this will be fit around day-to-day duties. We will try to respond to everyone, but again cannot guarantee it.

“I want to help!”

Great. Please email helpingsmallbizonline ‘at’ with “I want to help” in the subject line giving us an idea of your experience and motivations, that’d be awesome!

“I have another question”

Please send Chris a message via Twitter (DMs are open) or LinkedIN.